ALCHEMY Gothic Steampunk Pendants
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Alchemy Figurines,Spectral Lights, Votem T Light, Dark Angel Candleholder, permaneo votem t-loght,momento mori wall mirror, phrenology alchemist skull with black rose, rites of the undeath mirror. Alchemy Palmistry Hand ,Bed of Blood Roses Choker Necklace ,mega skull alchemy gohic, rosebones oath desk set alcehemy gothic, motalitas pill box alchemy gothic, carpe hora pewter clock alchemy gothic, litternere jewelry stand alchemy gothic
Speculum Mirror
ALV11MP Speculum Mirror
The latin inscription reads "all things change and we with them", the mirror reveals a horrifying memento mori, the face of the future.
Approximate Dimensions:
3.27"W x 9.76"H x 7.28"D
Origin:Designed in England, manufactured in China Materials:Resin, Glass
Price: 44.95

MPAZRP916 Alchemy Gothic Palmistry Hand
Price: $41.95 
An Alchemy Gothic original.  The Alchemy Palmistry Hand is 11 inches tall.

Holmes-Baker Patent Kinetic Nargile Pendant
Spring Heeled Jill Pendant Steampunk-Alchemy
AZMPJHP663   Holmes-Baker Patent Kinetic Nargile Pendant Alchemy Gothic Steampunk
An ingenious, thermally amplified hookah, the 1877 brainchild of a celebrated, London intellect: tri-tone pewter with leather and rubber hose and glass ball.
Price: $132.95 - Your Price $99.95
AZMPJSP662 Spring Heeled Jill Pendant Steampunk-Alchemy
Extraordinary motoric assistentia shoe of the feminal rejoinder to the revered gaslight fiend of Victorian London, Spring-heeled Jack: two-tone with Swarovski crystal strap and headlight.
Price:  $74.95 -Your Price $59.95
Alchemy Gothic Figurines
ASS51 Omega Skull - Alchemy Gothic
Life-sized Alchemist's skull, in aged bone-resin, carved over its entire surface with all the symbolic wisdom of 7000 years of history. With the traditional golden tooth.
Price:   $145
AAC56 Rosebone's Oath - Desk Set Alchemy Gothic
The mortal remains of Rosebone, the 18th Century's darkest, most mysterious and feared pirate, in the form of a hinged skull-pot and bones mounted on a cryptic cipher ring pronouncing: Rosebone's oath of blood, 7 dead men's souls lost beneath the flood. With penholder and feather-quill ball pen.
AAC47 Mortalitas Pill Box -Alchemy Gothic
A miniature bedside skull to keep safe and remind you of your daily ration of essential medication; with brass hinge and catch.
Price:   $40.00
AAP6 Carpe Hora -  Alchemy Gothic
A hand from the grave, subtly reminding you of the time you have left! Cast pewter clock with quartz movement. Approx. 4" (115mm) high.
Price:   $110.00
AAC58 Litternere - Jewelry Stand - Alchemy Gothic
An unquestioning servant arisen from its stifling grave in devoted supplication to its pampered mistresses' assistance. A dramatically different and substantial jewellery stand, poised to be casually draped with all the rings and necklaces of any special, haunting value.
Price: $175.00
Omega Skull
Rosebone's Oath - Desk Set
 Mortalitas Pill Box
Carpe Hora -Alchemy Gothic
Litternere - Jewelry Stand