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Triquetra Chalice
Price: $24.95
This is a shorter but broader silver-plated chalice with the celtic symbol of endlessness; the triquetra, engraved on opposing sides. approximately 6 1/4" high with gentle ribbing along the stem, and a slight curl to the lip of the cup. This is a very decorative piece for altar use or as a personal chalice. Food and drink safe
Celtic Knot Chalice
Price: $46.95
Description - celtic knot design is engraved on opposing sides, and base of this food and drink safe chalice. It is silver plated and easily cleaned using common silver polish. Standing 7" high, this chalice is perfect for altar use or even just for decoration. 
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Silver Plated Chalice
This slender unadorned chalice is 8" tall and very refined. Silver-plated, this is a food and drink safe item. Its neck is smooth, and the wide base makes this chalice surprisingly sturdy as well. This chalice is a constant favorite, especially as a goblet for handfastings and weddings.
Chalice: Pentagram inside  Plain
SKU: MPAZ RC23: , silver plated chalice with an inverted interwoven pentagram engraved in the bottom of the drinking cup. Dia. of cup is approx. 4" around. 
Chalice: Triple Goddess 
Plain, silver plated chalice with a triple moon engraved on one side. approx 6 1/4" high. Very decorative piece.
Brass Plated Plain Chalice
This unadorned brass plated chalice is perfect for decorational, functional, or religious use. As it is without etching, it`s perfect for those of us who keep altars but follow a non-traditional path, or those who require a bit of discretion. Food and drink safe due to the silver plating, this chalice had become a favorite for many people at weddings and handfastings as well. This chalice measures 7 1/2" tall and 3 1/2" wide with gentle flourises gracing the stem that holds its cup aloft.
Pentagram Goblet
Crafted with elegantly sweeping curves and providing a glistening, silver-plated design, this fantastic goblet is a must have for any altar. Standing 7 1/2" tall, it has an approximately 3" diameter base that seeps upwards to form the Goblet`s small stem. This stem, only 1 1/2" in length, is almost just a decorative flourish beneath the large cup it supports. The cup, with a rim that is 3 1/4" in diameter, extends the whole remaining length of the goblet, and provides a large space for your ceremonial offerings, herbal potions, and other such magickal creations. With its silver-plated surface marked on both its front and back with a delicate engraving of an interwoven pentacle, this is a functional symbol of the mystical forces of the elements and the spirit that rules over them, certain to be a powerful aid in communing with the Goddess and the God and crafting your ritual spells.
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Pentagram Chalice  This simple, yet elegant, silver plated chalice has a double-ringed pentagram engraved on opposing sides. It stands 5 1/4" high, with gentle ribbing down a third of its stem.
Price: $24.95
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Small Pentagram Chalice
A pentagram is engraved on opposing sides of this food and drink safe chalice. It is silver plated and easily cleaned using common silver polish. Standing 5" high, with its spiral rope styled stem, this chalice is perfect for altar use or even just for decoration.
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Silver Plated Pentacle Chalice
This silver-plated chalice bears an interwoven pentagram engraving on opposing sides. Standing 8" high with a smooth stem, this chalice is perfect for altar or decorational use. Food and drink safe, it is also easy to clean with any household silver polish.
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Pentagram Chalice -This delicate chalice provides an elegant solution to those who need such a tool for their altar but simply do not have much space to store it. It stands at a height of only 4 1/2" tall and its base has a footprint of only 1 3/4" in diameter. This small size does not take away from its elegant craftsmanship however.its silver-plated cup offers the engraved image of an interwoven pentagram on both its front and back, while the 2 1/2" stem offers a gold tone, and flares out at the base of a cup presenting a design that almost resembles the petals of a flower. With such decorative flourishes, this is certainly a fine piece for any altar.
Price: $15.95
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Grape Leaf Chalice
Skillfully crafted in an elegant design, this silver plated chalice offers a design befitting the most joyful of celebrations and somber of rituals. Standing a tall 9 1/4" in height, its long stem seems to flow upwards form its pace, expanding up its length evenly and seamlessly until, somewhere along the line, it became the narrow cup; the base sits 2 1/2" in diameter, with the cup`s rim a narrower 1 3/4" diameter. Around this petite rim you will find a joyful decoration, consisting of a rippling vine strung with full bunches of grape. Certainly, this chalice was meant for rituals of merriment, passion and the vigor of nature.
Price: $24.95
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