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MPAZJDP625 Dragon Skull Necklace
Unit Price: $43.95 
Unit weight: 0.12
A great pendant for anyone who enjoys the fantasy and magic surrounding the image of the dragon, this necklace portrays a dragon skull hand sculpted of the highest quality English pewter. Sculpted with such detail that the horned skull almost appears as though it may have once been living, the wonderful pendant for the dragon skull necklace is a heavy-weight piece that hangs 2" long and 1 1/2" wide. This is mounted on a heavy, pewter chain that completes the imagery perfectly and measures approximately 22" in length, closing with a clasp. 
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MPAZJBJ143 Jeweled Dragon Bracelet
Unit Price: $22.95 
Unit weight: 0.18
Created out of a stylized design of two dragons with their horns entwining, this bracelet is an absolute delight. Crafted in a fashion that depicts the dragons almost in the same manner that the Celts depicted their animals, the bracelet has a feel and styling born of that. Both are accented with faceted blue gems, which sparkle in illustration of the Dragon's eyes, while a faceted green gem twinkles at the bracelet's center, perfectly highlighting the piece. The bracelet, sculpted of lead-free pewter, is approximately 2 1/2" wide at its widest point, ending on two sides in a pewter chain that fastens to create a bracelet approximately 2 1/2" in diameter
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MPAZJRDRAA Dragon, adjustable Ring
Unit Price: $38.95 
Unit weight: 0.02
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This wonderful ring presents the image of a dragon rearing back in an almost playful fashion, with the dragon's tail actually forming the ring. Made of sterling silver, it is adjustable, allowing it to easily fit sizes 5 to 8. Fanciful, fun rings in sterling silver. Adjustable fits sizes 5 to 8. The rearing dragon is approximately 1" high.
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MPAZADIVDRA Divination Dragon amulet
Unit Price: $18.95 
Unit weight: 0.06
Calling upon the greater wisdom of the dragons, this amulet is a great aid in divination magic, helping to find clearer truths in those mysteries that you explore. Crafted of the highest quality, lead-free pewter and hanging 2 1/4"long, this amulet's upper half is shaped into a dragon rearing back upon its hind legs, with its glistening wings folded to its back. In his claws he clutches a colorful gem, from which he can divine the answers you seek. Rooted in a base that is a large, clear, faceted gem this amulet can double as a pendulum should you wish it, coming with a 30" cord from which to wear or hang it. This amulet has been made in the USA. 
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MPAZJB783 Dragon Slave Bracelet With Ring
Unit Price: $18.95 
Unit weight: 0.14
This is an ornate pewter dragon slave bracelet with ring. The fully adjustable bracelet features twin dragons with light celtic knotwork, while the ring is comprised of another. Midway thoug the chain that holds the two together is a rounded celtic knotwork bloom. 5 1/4" total length, the bracelet itself measures 2 3/4" by 2". 
MPAZJBJ138 Celtic Dragon Bracelet
Unit Price: $18.95 
Unit weight: 0.15
Drawing upon the ancient designs of the Celts for inspiration, this bracelet creates in fantastic detail the images of two dragons facing each other, whose serpentine bodies wind back to form the band of the bracelet. Snarling at each other, with teeth bared and their eyes wide with fury, the Dragons stare each other down over an open space, with the lines that form the details of the their faces flowing back into their bodies, forming an elaborate pattern of Celtic knotwork.
All of this is crafted out of the finest lead free pewter to create a bracelet that is approximately 2 1/4"in diameter at its widest point, with an open back. 
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Dragon Skull Necklace ,Jeweled Dragon Bracelet ,Dragon, adjustable Ring ,Divination Dragon amulet ,Dragon Slave Bracelet With Ring ,Celtic Dragon Bracelet ,Ankh Of The Dead Mini Dagger necklace
Ankh Of The Dead Mini Dagger necklace
AZJAP221MP Ankh Of The Dead Mini Dagger necklace
Ankh Of The Dead Mini Dagger necklace
This pendant appears to be a stylized Ankh of Egypt, but the Ankh of the Dead offers a concealed ornamental dagger. Has 22" chain. Fine English Pewter. 3" x 1 1/2"