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Forest Pentagram Dragon Wall Plaque
MPSP084 Forest Pentagram Dragon Wall Plaque
A beautiful fusion of the natural with the magical, the forest pentagram dragon portrays a verdant green dragon with its serpentine body entangled within a pentagram woven of sculpted sticks. With the dragon featuring accents that remind one of the colors of leaves during the fall, it is a wonderful reminder of the spiritual forces at play during the seasons. This beautiful dragon is also often revered as powerful spirit of nature within its own right. The pentagram compliments this perfectly, offering a symbol of the four elements of nature ruled and united by the divine. This dual symbolism is perfect for decorating your altar space or home, bringing your spirituality and reverence of nature together in one beautiful wall hanging.
The Forest Pentagram Dragon wall hanging measures 13" in diameter and has been sculpted of cold cast resin.
Woodland Cross Dragon Wall Plaque
SC298 Woodland Cross Dragon Wall Plaque
Price: $34.95 
Blending profound spiritual symbolism, the woodland cross dragon beautifully depicts a verdant green dragon coiled around a Celtic cross. The dragon is a powerful symbol of natural magic and mysticism, often regarded as among the mightiest of spiritual entities and a wise teacher in its own right, while the cross is representative of the four elements, united as one, and has been adopted by many faiths as a symbol of their deity. Together they offer the powerful imagery of nature and spirituality blended into one powerful force. Hang the woodland cross dragon within your home or over your altar and celebrate the divinity you find within nature today.
The woodland cross dragon wall hanging measures 9 1/2" long by 6 1/2" wide. Sculpted of cold cast resin, the dragon is portrayed in beautiful detail while the cross's gothic arches are accented with four red gems.
Dragons Pentagram  Wall Decor
MPAZ SD297 Dragons Pentagram -  Designed to hang upon your wall, this piece takes the interwoven pentagram design and superimposes upon it a beautiful display of two dragons, entangled in each other as they form the five pointed star. With one blue and one red, they stair each other down, with their wings open as though they are in flight while their serpentine bodies entangle one another, with tails curling in elaborate loops. With their upper wings overlapping to form the point of the star, their other wings flare out to form the right point and the left, while their tails create the bottom two. An elaborate design, it is both beautiful and thought provoking, with both dragons seemingly rivaling each other for the silver-toned sphere that shines in the middle, creating a sense of mystical unity even as it provides an impression of two very different forces. The whole wall hanging measures approximately 10 1/2" tall and 11" wide, making it great for hanging over your altar space or where ever else you might enjoy its beauty.
Price: $34.95 

Anne Stokes Lunar Magic wall scroll
MPAZFS160 Anne Stokes Lunar Magic wall scroll
Price: $32.95 
Unit weight: 0.61
Unfurling like a traditional scroll, this wall hanging beautifully portrays the artwork of Anne Stokes to bring a bit of magic and mystery into your home or sacred space. This particular piece captures the vision of a red dragon with wide-swept wings sittign within the intricate pattern of an interwoven pentagram. The powerful magical symbolism is further brought to life by the back drop of the full moon rising, whose magic is illustrated with the inclusion of waxing and wanning moons within its border to create quietly display the magic of the triple moon.Hanging approxsmately 17" tall and 12" wide, the scroll unrolls from two ornate wooden dowels and hangs from a black ribbon that can easily be slung over any hook or nail.
Lifelike faux stone decoration features a fierce dragon at its heart, dramatically backlit by enchanted multi colored lights. A mighty coat of arms that any noble king or knight would display with pride!
Triangle loop on back for hanging. Weight 1.2 lbs.
9" x 1½" x 9" high.
Two AA batteries not included.
Price:   $24.95   

Dragon Welcome Plaque
Give your guests a legendary welcome they won’t soon forget with this medieval welcome plaque mounted near the entrance of your castle. The plaque is finished in black with “welcome” in antique golden medieval lettering.
Item weight: 0.8 lb.
11½" x 1½" x 5¾" high.
Price:   $16.95   
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Anne Stokes Crystal Ball Scroll
MP2073FG Anne Stokes Crystal Ball Scroll Details
15 x 20 inches and printed on a very high quality polyurethane.