Ram Horned Gargoyle  figurine
MPAZSG545 Ram Horned Gargoyle
Used in medieval architecture to channel rain water,  Gargoyles have developed a popular mythology in modern times  as symbols of protection and good luck, and figures that can  help in protecting against evil spirits and negative  influences. This ram-horned gargoyle lends the impression  almost of a loyal hound, with a canine-like face and body  contrasting with its human-like eyes and bat wings that  extend from its shoulders. Place it in your home or upon  your altar to bring its protective presence into your life. Made of cold cast resin, the ram horned gargoyle measures 6"  tall and 8" wide at its widest point.
fierce gargoyle statue
MPAZ SG546 A fierce gargoyle unfurls his wings, one fist drawn back and every muscle tensed as he prepares to strike. Made out of cold-cast resin, this 6 1/8" tall x 6" wide statue is a dark charcoal in color, highlighting the intense level of detail used on every inch of this beautiful piece.
Price: $25.95 
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Solar Gargoyle Statue
MPSM39992 Solar Gargoyle Statue - Fearsome faux-stone statue guards your entryway with true Medieval style! Traditional sculpture gets a modern update; his solar powered eyes light up the night with an eerie light. On/off switch in base; solar panels on sides of base. Polyresin. One rechargeable AA battery included. 6 1/2" square x 10 1/2" high. Price: $44.95
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Guardian Gargoyle Amulet
MPAZAGAR Guardian Gargoyle Amulet
Price: $5.95 
This talisman will aid you in harnessing the guardian energies of the Gargoyle to cast a protective watch over those you love Made of lead-free pewter, this piece measures 1 1/2" x 3/4" and is set with a colored seeing stone. Colors vary, and are chosen at random. 
Your scented oil is warming atop a sculpture of skulls and it seems to have summoned a fierce gargoyle to perch here. He spreads his wings and inhales the fumes as though he is recharging for another night of guarding your castle.
Weight: 2.0 lbs. 5½" x 7" x 8¼" high.
Polyresin and glass dish. 
Price:   $19.95
Your loyal, protective guardian looks out over the night and lights up your path. A spooky sentry to keep you safe and secure!
Weight: 7.4 lbs.
13" x 9" x 16¾" high.
Polyresin, metal and glass.
Two AA batteries not included. 
Price:   $99.95  
Your Price $85.00
Newest Gargoyles
Gargoyle Hanging on Steeple Statue
FG2427MP Gargoyle Hanging on Steeple Statue
6 inches tall.
Price: $29.95

Mr Hither Figurine-Gargoyle, Anne Stokes
AZSH895MP Mr Hither Figurine -

Gargoyle, imp, demon, fallen angel or something else entirely? This original piece by Sheila Wolk leaves the good, evil or indifferent decision up to the viewer. Cold cast resin. 8 1/2” x 4” x 4”
Price: $45.95
Out Of Stock
Out Of Stock
Cat Gargoyle Door Knocker
AZFDC953MP Cat Gargoyle Door Knocker

7" For cat lovers everywhere we bring you this door knocker with a fierce and stern looking cat head holding the knocker. Knock if you dare! Cold cast resin. 7" x 4 1/2" x 2"

Price $31.95