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Item No: MYT 6186
13" Long
Price: $49.95

MYT 6397 HATHOR Statue - H:: 9 1/4"
Price: $18.75

HATHOR Figurine
AZSH971MP -  Hathor Statue

A striking and reagally posed Hathor with her crown of office and a golden Ankh in her outstretched hand. Cold Cast Resin. 11" x 6" x 5"
Price: $49.95

Hathor Statue
Collectible Goddesses
Celtic, Greek, Norse, Elemental, Egyptian
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Maiden, Mother & Crone Chalice
MPAZRC099 Maiden, Mother & Crone Chalice
Price: $31.95
Adding to the rich symbolism of the sacred chalice, this wonderful ritual tool has been carefully sculpted with interwoven, Celtic designs and accented with green jewels and painted, green foliage, all of which play out as a wonderful back drop for the three faces of the Goddess carved into the chalice's outer cup; these faces, the Maiden, Mother and Crone represent the three phases of the Goddess, and the three stages of growth for all things in nature, making it a powerful addition to your rituals, spells, and ceremonies.
Measuring approximately 7 1/2" in height and 3 3/4" in diameter, it features a wonderful, removable metal cup that makes cleaning a breeze and helps keep its contents from ruining the styling that makes it so powerfully symbolic.
Athena Figurine
MPAZSA853 Athena Figurine
Price: $64.95
Athena is the Greek Goddess of wisdom, courage, war, strength, and strategy. The virgin patron of the city named for her, Athens, and was the Goddess to whom they people of Athens devoted the ancient temple, the Parthenon. She figures prominently in a wide range of range of Greek myths, including the tale of Medusa, who unlike her Gorgan sisters was a beautiful priestess within Athena's temple. However, Poseidon defied Medusa's vow of chastity within Athena's temple, and for violating her temple Athena cursed Medusa such that her hair turned to snakes, and her lower body became that of a serpent. This beautiful statue portrays Athena as though she were sculpted of bronze. With her feet planted wide, she bears the shield marked with the head of medusa, and wields a spear in her other hand, with her body clad in the armor and helmet of a hoplite warrior. The result is a beautiful image of the protector goddess, who stands defiant and calm with the Owl, a symbol of her wisdom, descending to perch upon her shoulder. Standing 12" tall, she is a perfect piece for your altar or home, reminding you to seek wisdom in choosing your battles, and otherwise bringing the protection of the beloved Athena into your life.
Elemental Goddess of Earth
AZSE579MP Elemental Goddess of Earth Statue
Depicted as a true being of nature, this sculpture shows the beautiful Earth Goddess with the upper torso of a lithe woman and a lower body composed of an ancient tree trunk, blossoming with new life. 10" Tall
Price $44.95
All statues and figurines are made of high painted cold cast resin.