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Greenman Collectibles
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CHT005  Greenman on CrossTealight Holder
This candle holder presents a basin in which to settle your tealight candle designed to look as though it were crafted of aged brick and mortar, accented by the face of the Greenman set upon a Celtic Cross.
Unit weight: 2.06
Price: $34.95
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MPAZFS104 -Anne Stokes Greenman Wall Scroll
Unit Price: $30.95 
The artistic styling of Anne Stokes brings to vivid life the timeless image of the Greenman in this elegant wall scroll. Coiled around two black, wooden spools, the image has been rendered on a sheet of durable, vinyl-canvas with a luster and depth that almost lends the impression that this embodiment of nature could easily step through. With ageless eyes full of vigor and wisdom, he is shown with tangled vines and leafy foliage forming the wizened features of his face- the perfect image for a figure who represents the untamed powers of rebirth and fertility within nature.
Hanging approximately 17" long and 12" wide, this wall scroll comes with a black ribbon that will allow you to hang it upon any hook or nail with ease.

MPAZWTGMG Green and Black Green Man 72" x 108" Tapestry
Made of 100% cotton, this beautiful wall tapestry creates a verdant image of the Greenman in green and black. Seemingly made of leaves and foliage, he is a powerful symbol of the magic of nature, and the power of rebirth that comes with each cycle. Measuring approximately 72" by 108", this large tapestry is a wonderful addition to your sacred space or home, and can be used as a bed spread or anything else you can imagine. Hang it up in your sanctuary today, and bring the majesty of the Greenman into your life. 
Price: $25.95
MPAZBBBU106 Greenman Journal
Unit Price: $16.95 

MPAZRAAC1 Green Man Altar Cloth/Scarf Price: $30.95 
decorate your altar, you will find the image of the Green Man. In Europe he is portrayed as the male counterpart to the Mother Goddess. In this, he is the guardian of all green, growing things and a very ancient symbol of renewal, fertility and rebirth. This cloth is 3' long and 3' wide, and created with Rayon Batik. 
MPAZRCCT16 Greenman Caftan
Price: $50.95 
These tops are two large squares of fabric sewn together, with a V neck in front. Caftan Tops fit large sizes, to XXX large. They are 3 feet square. There is a greenman image on each corner of the squares, on both the front and the back. 3 feet square Rayon Batik 

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Product ID: MPFG2133 Green Man Sand Timer
7 inches tall.  Sand lasts for about 5 minutes
Price: $21.95
Product ID: MPFG2150 Green Man Heart Shaped Box 4.5 x 3.5 inches.
Price: $19.95
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MPSG932 Greenman Wall Bracket  - Wall Sconce
Price: $39.95 
A wonderful accent for your home or sacred space, this wall piece stylizes the ancient image of the Greenman as a wall bracket to accent your home or sacred space. With vivid attention to detail the piece has been sculpted from cold cast resin to form the leafy features of the Greenman as though they were sculpted from aged copper. The result is a hauntingly beautiful image of eyes that could be almost sad, framed as they are in leafy lashes and vine-filled facial hair, all appearing as though it were copper aged green with only hints of the original bright metal peaking through cracks and the occasional polished surface.
With a felted back that allows it to fit firmly against the wall and two brackets for screws or wall hangers, it can be placed anywhere upon your wall where the Greenman's verdant image might be displayed to best effect. Indeed, the flat expanse of its top might even be used as a small shelf if you desired. The whole piece measures approximately 8" tall and 12" wide.
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MPAZFDG759 Greenman Door Knocker
Greenman Door Knocker
This unique and lovely piece captures the traditional image and placement of the Greenman and brings him into your home as this ornamental door knocker.
Price: $24.95
MPAZFBG463   Greenman box 7 7/8"
hand painted resin
Price $49.95
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BBBCGM  Greenman Leather Blank Book
The hand tooled, leather cover of this book displays the image of the Greenman, with his verdant beard and facial features covered in the leafy vines for which he is known.
Unit weight: 0.93
Price:  $28.95
CHG660  Greenman candle holder
Offering a clever depiction of the Greenman, this candle holder has been sculpted of cold cast resin to take on the form of an aged tree stump, with the Greenman's wizened features worked into the bark.
Unit weight: 1.35
Price:  $18.95

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MPAZRAT632  Greenman Altar Table 12"
This altar table is the perfect companion for those who need a portable altar space. Better yet, it has been carved with the likeness of the Greenman on its surface and stained a deep woodland green.
In Stock
  Unit weight: 6.9
Price: $88.95
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MPAZRAT632S  small Greenman Altar Table 8"
Measuring approximately 5 1/2" tall by 8" square across the top; this wooden table has been stained with a green dye to tint and bring out the grains of the wood. Emblazoned into the top surface is a circular representation of the Green Man.
Unit Weight: 2.3
Price:  $29.95
MPAZFSC76GM  Green Man Backpack
This 17" by 20" canvas backpack features a large circular Green Man design at its center bracketed by four Celtic Knot designs at the corners. The outer border is made up of a flowing leaf design. The two shoulder straps also serve as the cinch for the top opening which pulls closed.
Unit weight: 0.6
Price: $22.95
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MPAZFB439   Greenman Box
An approximately 2 1/2" x 4 1/4" round box made from hand pointed, cold cast resin.