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MPC7028  Name:Silver Floral-Patterned White Pillar Candle
Price: $28.95 
A beautiful candle for the altar, marriage and hand-fasting ceremonies, and other such celebrations, this candle is a 9" by 3" pillar candle brushed with beautiful, silver floral patterns. Running from top to bottom, this silver tone lends the impression of white gold that has been worked into a fantastic filigree of twisting floral patterns. The resulting image is of a candle intended for your grandest of rituals and ceremonies. Each such candle comes wrapped in plastic and tied with a bow, making it a delightful gift as well as a fine ritual candle. 
Item: MPC706G Gold Pillar Candle Price: $22.95 
Shining golden as the sun, this gold pillar candle is a welcome addition to the altar and the home, as a symbol of the God and a powerful addition to candle magic seeking prosperity and wealth. Light it upon your altar when seeking to invoke the God and the warmth of the sun, particularly alongside the bright glow of a silver pillar candle representing the moonlight of the Goddess. Alternatively, it can be burned within your spells of money drawing and prosperity, helping you to bring good fortune and bounty into your life. Each such candle measures 3" by 6" and comes wrapped in plastic, cinched together with a bow, making it a wonderful gift as well. 
Item: MPC706S Silver Pillar Candle
Price: $22.95 
A magnificent candle for solemn ceremony and joyous celebration, this silver pillar candle is a wonderful candle for your altar and the home, with the silvery color of the moon providing magic for all manner of ritual. Light alone it in celebration of the Goddess, or when you seek to invoke her presence within your ceremony and spells, or pair it with the warmth of a gold pillar candle to invoke the God along side her . Each such candle measures 3" by 6" and comes wrapped in plastic, cinched together with a bow, making it a wonderful gift as well. 
Item: MPHYARFB  Yarrow Flower 1 Lb Price: $18.95 
Yarrow flowers are also often used in handfasting rituals and weddings, and are believed to be of use in spells of divination. This is a 1 Lb packet of Yarrow Flower.
Item :MPCVT100 Tealight Candles Bulk 100/bag Price: $31.95 
Tealight candles are by far, the handiest of candles, being readily used in everything from oil diffusers to small candle holders, where their light and warmth is an invaluable presence. Lasting four to five hours each they are small enough to fit into the most delicate of holders, and due to the metal cup that they come in, safer and easier to replace than votive candles or the like. This bulk 100 pack of tea lights insures that you will not run out of candles any time soon. 
Item: MPBHANWED Handfasting & Wedding Rituals by Kaldera/ Schwartzstein Price: $19.95 
Handfasting and Wedding Rituals has everything you need to plan the perfect Pagan wedding. You'll find advice and examples to help you with basic wedding planning, writing vows, and ritual construction, along with practical tips and great ideas about everything from low-cost wedding favors to candle and bonfire safety. Handfasting and Wedding Rituals also includes sixteen full rites honoring a wide variety of Pagan traditions. Rituals in their full form can be used exactly as printed or modified to fit your needs. Each rite is categorized as level one, two, or three depending on their level of overt Pagan content and degree of participation expected from your guests. Paperback 320 pgs 
Item : MPCH5COU Couple's Heart Chime Candle Holder
Price: $7.50 
The Couple Heart chime candle holder is a great addition to spells and rituals of love, blessing, and peace for couples. Shaped like a heart, it portrays the abstract form of two people joined together, holding hands around the candle's base. Use it in your love spells to attract the one you wish to be coupled with, or as candle holders used during handfastings and other such blessings. Each chime candle holder measures approximately 1 1/2" long and 1 1/4" wide. 
Item : MPC4SI Silver Chime Candle 20 pack Price: $26.95 
Silver is the color of the moon, making it a magical color with a wide range of purposes within magical practice. These silver chime candles use the influence of these lunar qualities to bring to you the magic of the feminine divine, making it wonderful for invoking the Goddess within your ritual practice. In candle magic, silver can also be a color used for prosperity, dream magic, and exploring the mysteries of magic. Coming 20 to a pack, they stand 4" tall and measure 1/2" in diameter, making them perfect for any altar. Each chime candle burns for an average of 2 to 2 1/2" hours. 
Item: MPC4GO Gold Chime Candle 20 pack Price: $26.95 
Often representing the sun, gold is the color of prosperity, solar influences, and financial matters in general. Gold Chime candles bring this quality to your candle magic and other money drawing spells to aid you in helping to bring financial success and prosperity to your life. When seeking solar magic, it can bring all manner of warmth into your life, helping to nurture as does the sun. Coming 20 to a pack, these candles stand 4" tall and 1/2" in diameter, burning for an average of two, to two and a half hours. 

Item MPC4WT White Chime Candle 20 pack  Unit Price: $7.25 
The color of purity and peace, White Chime candles are a popular addition to a wide range of candle magic spells and other rituals. Burn them within your ritual practice when you wish for peace to aid you in healing, as well as to help invoke happiness and strength. Some also use the purity of white candles to aid in the working of protection spells. It is also worth noting that the color white possesses all of the colors of the spectrum, making it a wonderful "blank" candle when you are uncertain what color candle to use. Coming 20 to a pack, they stand 4" tall and measure 1/2" in diameter, making them perfect for any altar. Each chime candle burns for an average of 2 to 2 1/2" hours. 
Item: MPHMARJLPB Name:Marjoram Leaf Powder 1 Lb
Price: $13.95 
A member of the mint family of plants along with Basil, Thyme, Hyssop, Lavender, and eve Sage, Marjoram (Marjorana hortensis) is grown throughout the world, and has deep historical roots. It was well known by the ancient Greeks, who gave us it's the legend of its creation in which it was believed Aphrodite created it as a symbol of happiness.There it was used in garlands to ensure a happy marriage and laid on tombs to give peace to departed souls.
Item MPHROSMWB Rosemary Leaf Whole 1 Lb  Price: $8.95 
This hearty herb, Rosmarinus officinalis, is native to the Mediterranean region has been cultivated and used in culinary and medicinal properties for centuries.  In the mid ages it was in weddings as a headpiece for the bridge, while the groom and their wedding's guests would wear rosemary sprigs, each representing charms of love. Newlywed couples were also to plant a branch on their wedding day, and if it grew healthily it was to be a good omen. Another common practice of old was to tap one you desired with a rosemary branch, and if it were to blossom you and your desired partner would fall in love
Item Number: MPHMEACB 1 Lb Meadowsweet cut Price: $19.95 
Also known as Filipendula ulmaria, Queen of the Meadow, Meadowwort, and Bridewort, Meadowsweet grows throughout Europe and western Asia, and has become naturalized in North America. . Meadowsweet also has a history within Welsh lore, where it was noted as one of the herbs used to fashion the woman known as "Flowerface." Throughout medieval times it was also used during festivals and weddings, where it was strewn throughout churches and used to fashion bridal garlands.
Item:MPHDAMLCB Damiana Leaf 1 Lb cut Price: $29.95 
Traditionally, Damiana Leaf, also known as Tumera diffusa, has been used by the people of Central and South America for hundreds of years. There it was first recorded by Spanish Missionaries as it was used by Mexican Indians, using Damiana leaves mixed with sugar as a powerful tea that enhanced lovemaking and worked as a powerful aphrodisiac. It is also named in Mexican folklore as the ingredient that flavored the original margarita; an alcoholic drink now famous throughout the world. Damiana has also seen use a wide array of magical tradition and practices, being used often in sex magic, increasing magical energy and aiding in divination, including use in dream magic and clairvoyance.
In modern holistic use, Damiana leaf is still used as an aphrodisiac, but is reported to be of medicinal aid in treating coughs, constipation and depression. It is also said to help with fibromyalgia, and breathing issues, as well as impotency, infertility, and the varied symptoms of menopause.
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Item : MPFBROU  Name:Round Besom Broom
Price: $51.95 
This is a hand crafted besom broom lovingly made with materials from nature. Use this broom to sweep away negativity or hang it up for protection in your home or sacred space. Made from broom corn, grown specifically for constructing besoms, the handles are made from unvarnished pine wood with a cord threaded through the end for hanging. Please allow for variations, as each one of these brooms is unique. Measuring approximately 45" - 54" long, additional shipping charges may apply when ordering this piece. 
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Handfasting is an ancient Celtic custom, especially common in Ireland and Scotland, in which a man and woman came together at the start of their marriage relationship. Their hands, or more accurately, their wrists, were literally tied together. This practice gave way to the expression "tying the knot" which has come to mean getting married or engaged.