Antique Leather Journal
Greenman Leather Journal
God`s Eye Leather Journal-
Goddess Leather Journal
Gryphon Leather Embossed Journal
Goddess leather blank book w/ latch
Goddess leather blank book w/ latch
Bound in hand-stitched, green dyed leather, this book displays two images of the Goddess,  portraying her as both the nurturing mother of life and the vengeful destroyer. Contains 280  unlined pages. 5" x 7"  $42.95

MPBBBCANT Antique Leather Journal
cotton 4 1/2" X 6 1/2" blank book
Price: $35.00 

MPBBBCGM Greenman Leather Journal
Greenman is a figure known for having been depicted on stonework, buildings, and statues influenced by Celtic design, and has come to be revered as a figure representing the masculine, wild side of nature and rebirth.Measuring 5 1/2" by 8", the book's leather covers sandwich approximately 300 blank, white pieces of paper that are acid free and made of recycled biomass. Sturdy and thick, they are perfect for use with charcoal, pen, pencil, or even paint. Price: $30.00
MPBBBCGE God`s Eye Leather Journal- Known as the God`s Eye journal, this 6" by 9" leather-bound blank book provides for you powerful tool for your metaphysical studies. Helping to create a safe place for you to store the secrets of your spellcraft, this book is hand stitched and bound in leather, with a precious stone fixed into face of the book. Each stone is different, and as such the hand embossed design crafted into the leather surrounding it is different as well, being hand-designed to complement the stone. This creates a sense of authority and power within the journal, only helping you empower the stone within the journal with whatever spell or energy you might want to use to keep your journal or book of shadows safe and secure. Within, the blank pages are completely chemical and acid free, and indeed are not even made of tree-pulp. Made of cotton and recycled biomass, such as fruit and vegetable husks, they are thick, with a visible grain, making them well suited for heavier inks and even watercolor, provided an excess of water is not used, providing the perfect surface for you to inscribe the magickal diagrams that you have been crafting, pen sketches of your dreams, or otherwise prepare your magickal workings.  Price: $35.00
MPFG2365- Gryphon Leather Embossed Journal
This beautiful leather embossed journal is 5 x 7 inches. It comes with 120 pages of premium quality handmade linen parchment paper. Comes with a metal lock to keep the journal closed.
Price: $29.00
Poetry Leather Journal
MPBBBCPOE Poetry Leather Journal - Bound in beautiful, red hued hand-stitched leather, this fantastic 6" by 9" journal fits every image of what one might imagine a Book of Shadows, dream diary, or other such book of occult and mystic wonder should be. Its borders are marked with a thick leather cord, the same deep burgundy as the rest of the leather, which weaves in and out in a decorative, providing the only decoration aside from the metal latch that fits upon the front cover, allowing you to close the book without fumbling with leather wraps or knots. Within this fantastic exterior you will find blank pages that are completely chemical and acid free, and indeed are not even made of tree-pulp! Each page is made from cotton scraps found at the floor of garment factories and recycled biomass, such as fruit and vegetable husks. Not only is this environmentally sound, but it lends to the book a quality that leaves you yearning to write every time you glance it. Price: $35.00 
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Gryphon Leather Embossed Journal
Large Fairy Moon Leather Journal
Large Tree of Life Leather Journal
MPBBBCT710 Large Tree of Life Leather Journal
Price: $46.00 
A beautiful journal that conveys a sense of age and mysticism, the large Tree of Life leather blank book is a beautiful journal whose cover features the hand tooled design of the tree of life framed by Celtic design. With far reaching branches and wide spread roots, the Tree of Life is a symbol of the union of Heaven and Earth, and the beautiful ways in which these realms can be bridged. Such imagery provides the perfect inspiration for penning your Book of Shadows, Dream Diary, or any manner of such personal journal.
The approximately 500 pages within are perfect for such purpose. Made of recycled biomass, they present acid free paper whose cotton, fiber, and fabric composition leaves sturdy pages wonderful for ink, pencil, and even light washes of paint. The entire leather blank book measures 7" by 10" and is held closed with a leather strap.
MPBBBCF710 Large Fairy Moon Leather Journal
Price: $46.00 
A large book perfect for creating your journal, book of shadows, or sketch book, the Large Fairy Moon leather blank book features the hand-tooled image of a fairy, sitting within the crescent of the moon as though it were a great swing. With her robes trailing down from the moon and her lithesome form, and her wings spread wide behind her against the backdrop of the moon, the image is one that cannot help but to inspire you in your exploration of mysticism and the fairy spirits that surround us. The pages within are acid free, and made entirely of recycled biomass. The result is approximately 250 pages of sturdy paper that is well suited for accepting pencil, ink, and even light washes or paints to make the perfect sketch book, book of shadows, or journal.The book measures 7" by 10" and is held closed with a leather strap.
MPFG2366 - Gryphon Leather Embossed Journal
5 x 7 inch with leather cord
Price: $29.00
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MPBBTCT283 Tree of Life Leather Journal
The Tree of Life Leather Embossed journal is 7 x 10 inches and comes with 120 pages of premium quality handmade linen parchment paper. The environmentally friendly paper is wonderful for all types of media. The journal comes with a brass latch to keep your journal closed. These leather journals are handcrafted, one at a time
Price: $48.95
Tree of Life Leather Journal
Goddess Journal