AZB14DAYWMP 2014 Day of the Dead Wall Calendar by Amber Lotus

In traditional Day of the Dead celebrations, sugar skulls are given as gifts to the living and adorn the altars of the deceased. The art of handcrafting sugar skulls and decorating them with colorful paint and sparkling embellishments has been passed down through generations of folk artists. With their toothy grins and bold hues, the sugar skulls featured in the Day of the Dead wall calendar pay homage to the ancestors but are also a vibrant tribute to life and this living folk tradition. $14.99

AZB14KNOWMP 2014 Knock at the Door Wall Calendar  by Amber Lotus
Crossing into the land of remembering your magical self requires only one thing: when Inspiration knocks, open the door. In 2004 writer and filmmaker Angi Sullins wrote a poem for the artists who inspire her. Setting the poem to music and paintings, the short film A Knock at the Door was born. Transformed from film to the printed page, the Knock at the Door wall calendar is an invitation to follow your dreams through the door of possibility to an enchanted land half dreamed, half remembered, wholly adored.  $14.99

AZB14LUNWMP 2014 Lunaria Wall Calendar by Amber Lotus
The moon shows us there always comes a time for self-renewal and new beginnings.The Lunaria is the perfect instrument to help us realize the powerful effects that the moon, planets and seasons have on us. More aware, we can increase our ability to consider our actions, understand our emotions and plan for the future. Make use of the Lunaria to help predict the best times for particular endeavors.  $14.99

AZB14SACWMP 2014 Sacred Celtic Sites Wall Calendar by Amber Lotus
Embark on a magical journey through the Celtic landscape with the Sacred Celtic Sites wall calendar. Celebrating timeless monuments and geographical features steeped in myth and legend, this calendar features "thin places" – doorways to another realm, divine places of spiritual awakening. Each month offers a luminous photograph accompanied by an informative history of the site and its significance to the ancient Celts, who left their enduring signature on these awe-inspiring wonders.  $14.99

AZB14STEWMP 2014 Steampunk Wall Calendar by Amber Lotus
From its early beginnings in the 1980’s, Steampunk has evolved from a little-known sub-genre of science fiction into a cultural phenomenon. As a literary tradition, it pays homage to the worlds envisioned by writers like H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, where anachronistic machines shape human destiny in steam-powered visions of alternate realities. As a design aesthetic, it is heavily influenced by surrealism and cyberpunk. Steampunk combines the historical with the futuristic, mingling straight-laced Victorian-era sensibilities with space-age technology. Think red velvet curtains and mahogany paneling, then add a heavy sprinkling of spy gadgets and time travel. $14.99

AZBWITALM15MP Witches' Almanac Spring 2014 to Spring 2015
Since 1971, The Witches' Almanac has been the source of fun, wisdom, trivia, and magical lore for hundreds of thousands of readers throughout the world. Modeled after the Old Farmers' Almanac, it includes information related to the annual Moon Calendar (weather forecasts and horoscopes), as well as legends, rituals, herbal secrets, interviews, mystic incantations, interviews, and many a curious tale of good and evil. Although it is an annual publication, only about 15 percent of the content is specific to the date range of each issue. The theme of Issue 33 (Spring 2014 - Spring 2015) is Mystic Earth. Also included are articles on Ganesha, graveyard dust, Italian cimaruta amulets, veiled witches, and the legend of the Wicker Man.  $12.95 -

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