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AZDSGBMP  Seance Dowsing Board by Xeonix
Seance Dowsing Board by Xeonix
A smooth glass dowsing board with the common spirit board elements arranged in a circle. A clear window to allow a written word or photo become part of the board for a reading. 10”

Price: $45.95

Seance Dowsing Board
AZDPGB100MP Pentagram Dowsing Board by Xeonix
Pentagram Dowsing Board by Xeonix
A smooth glass dowsing board designed to get simple answers fast. Features complex Celtic knotwork and an interwoven pentacle. 8”

Price: $37.95
Enchanted Spellboard
AZDPSYCIR0TAMO  Psychic Circle (Ouija Board)
by Zerner/ Farber
Open this box and embark upon a journey into yourself and beyond. Inside is all you will need to be thoroughly delighted the next time you and your "psychic circle" of friends get together for an evening of fun, surprises - and magical messages! The Magical Message Board and companion book are always ready to be consulted for problem-solving, decision-making, creative inspiration, and wisdom. On the Board are twenty key words, eleven colors, and forty universal symbols, in addition to the letters of the alphabet and the numerals 0-9. The Psychic Circle may use any of them - either individually or in combination - to create detailed and insightful answers to your every question. You will be amazed and enlightened again and again. Kit includes:
18" by 18" full-color Psychic Circle board
Psychic Circle message indicator
Companion book with complete instruction for use
Ouija-Board Altar Cloth
Price: $26.95

 Psychic Circle (Ouija Board)
AZDENCSPEMP Enchanted Spellboard
by Zerner/ Farber
The Enchanted Spellboard helps us connect, and receive those perceptive messages from the world beyond. Beautiful and easy to use, the kit contains an 18" x 18" folding board in full color, an engraved Magical Message Indicator®, and a 30-page instruction book. Just place your fingertips on the indicator and ask a question. You’ll feel a slight tingling sensation as you move the indicator around the board and bring it to rest on illustrated symbols that include a grotto of sacred trees, circle of dancing enchantresses, wheel of power words, zodiac signs, healing gemstones, and the four directions to help you find your way. There’s no better path to strengthening your intuition, conquering your fears, and deepening your understanding of our enchanted world.
Price: $27.95
Raven Oracle Cards
AZDRAVORAMP Raven Oracle Cards
From time immemorial, the Raven has been a bearer of messages and recognized as a reliable guide. As a bird of the soul, the Raven has something important to communicate to us; today, just as much as in the past. With clear, but by no means superficial, words and images the Raven Cards provide an ever-present fount of hints and insights which shed light on a difficult situation, provide a key to solving a thorny problem, or simply point the way forward. They are practical and encouraging companions to help you on your way with compassion and a healthy dose of humor.
Containing 49 Raven cards, this set provides you with the means to tap into your own resources of inner joy even as you explore the situation to come.
Price: $29.95
Ouija-Board Altar Cloth
AZRAC89MP Ouija-Board Altar Cloth
Many people have had great success with pendulum work as a means to understand their lives and what is ahead for them. This cloth serves to bring the use of the pendulum beyond "yes or no" answers and into the realm of true communication with the energies all around you. This Ouija-Board Altar cloth is approximately 24" by 30", and 100 % cotton.
Price: $24.95

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Lisa Parker's "The Spirit Guide" Ouija Board
Lisa Parker's "Angel Spirit" Ouija Board
FG2408MP - Lisa Parker's "Angel Spirit" Ouija Board
15 x 15 inches.  Comes with a Planchette
Comes in a full color display box.
Price: $25.00
FG2403MP - Lisa Parker's "The Spirit Guide" Ouija Board
15 x 15 inches and comes with a Planchette
Comes boxed in a full color display box.
Price: $25.00

AZRSM13MP  13 Moons Scrying Mirror
13 Moons Scrying Mirror 8"
A smooth glass scrying mirror decorated with a square border of Celtic knotwork and an inner round border containing images of the stages of the moon. 8"
13 Moons Scrying Mirror
Third Eye Scrying Mirror
AZRSM3MP Third Eye Scrying Mirror 8"
A smooth glass scrying mirror decorated with a southwestern motif to focus your efforts to the center for proper concentration during your divinations. 8”
Price: $45.95

Tree of Life/Pentagram Ouija Board
FG2077MP - Tree of Life/Pentagram Ouija Board
This exquisite board shows a Tree of Life and Pentagram design. The letters and numbers surround the outside of the board. A glass top sits on top of four pegs raised off the board so the Planchette moves easily. This is more like a piece of furniture. A beautiful piece!
14 inches wide and made of hand painted cold cast resin.
Price: $76.00 Sale: $68.00
FG2034MP Cat/Pentagram Ouija Board
14 inches wide.  Comes with a heavy glass top and a Planchette. Cold Cast Resin

Price: $76.00 Sale: $68.00