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MPJAP634 After Death on the Nile Necklace
Price: $73.95 
Embracing the rich symbolism of Egypt, the After Death on the Nile necklace is a symbol of eternal life after death, created in the vividly stark styling of the 1920's Art Deco. Studded with sparkling Swarovski crystals and sculpted of the finest quality English pewter, the pendant takes the form of an Ankh, set at its center with a skull. The two symbols come together to create a powerful image of eternal life triumphing over death, making After Death On the Nile a poignant piece of jewelry.
The pendant hangs 3" long from a 20" long chain that closes with a clasp.
SKU MPAZ JSP497 The Sephiroth are the 10 attributes and emanations through which God reveals himself, and creates both the physical realm and the metaphysical realms, as spoken of within Kabbalah texts and traditions. Here we find them used to create a magical seal, in the form of a pentagram. With the interwoven star gleaming brightly in the middle, the circle around it is inscribed with these mystical markings, and are in turn encased within translucent purple glass, making this piece both a stylish piece of jewelry and a powerful magical charm. Hanging approximately 1 3/4" in diameter and is sculpted of English Pewter, it is suspended from leather straps that extend for approximately 28" in length, and close with a pewter clasp.
Price: $45.95 
AZJS836MP Sterling Silver Pentagram Pendant
This well crafted pendant shines with a woven pentagram which rests on a wide circle all in sterling silver. Has cord. 1”
Price:  $53.95
Discount Price: $46.95
MPAZJP4822 Fairy Star silver
Price: $42.95 
A cherished symbol within the mystical community, the Fairy star is a sacred symbol to anyone who follows the Faery traditions of magic. The seven points of the star are often revered as a symbol of magical power, and for this reason it is worn as a symbol of faith or sometimes used as a focus for your magical practice.This fairy star pendant has been sculpted of sterling silver to present a convex curve, to where it is rimmed in a circle connection each of its seven points. The result is a beautiful piece that catches the eye not only with its symmetrical design but with its three-dimensional presentation. The pendant measures 3/4" in diameter and features a large bail, allowing you to string it upon your favorite chain or cord.

AZJP46AMP Silver and Amethyst Pentagram Pendant
Set with a brilliant purple amethyst at its center, contrasting in the most lovely way with the sterling silver metal from which it is made. No cord. 3/4”
Price: $46.95
Discount Price: $41.95
AZJP46HMP  Silver and Hematite Pentagram Pendant
This pentagram pendant is made of sterling silver with a large bail set into the top. No cord. 3/4”
Price:  $46.95
Discount Price: $41.95
Silver and Hematite Pentagram Pendant
MPJB786 Celtic Heart Slave Bracelet With Ring  Price: $18.95
A wonderful bracelet to give to the one that you adore, the Celtic heart slave bracelet features an intricate band of pewter, sculpted with the inspiration of Celtic design to highlight the large heart at its center. From this center runs a slender chain, linked at its center with a rose charm, which attaches the bracelet to a ring, similarly worked into the shape of a heart and accented with a rose. The bracelet measures 3" wide and 1 1/2" thick, while the ring's band measures 1" by the heart at its center and the chain runs 5" long. With both featuring flexible bands, they are one size fits all. 
AZJP4622MP   Interwoven Pentagram Silver PENDANT
This sterling silver, interwoven pentagram is a lightweight and beautiful piece of jewelry. No cord. 3/4”
Price: $42.95
Discount Price: $39.95
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Sterling Silver Pentagram Pendant
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Power Pendants and Pentacle Pendants
Silver and Amethyst Pentagram Pendant
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MPJSP620 Skull of Azrael Necklace
Unit Price: $43.95 
Known as the Archangel of Death, Azrael is viewed with a mixture of fear and reverence, the view of Azrael tends to vary, sometimes portraying him as the embodiment of evil and sometimes an angel who will answer the prayers of the faithful, and even sometimes even as a vengeful angel. The Skull of Azrael pendant embraces the image of the angel as the Archangel of Death, depicting a human skull with great ram horns curling out from its crown. This has been hand sculpted of English pewter to create a powerful, detailed image that is certain to catch attention. The pendant measures 1 1/2" wide and hangs 1 1/4" long, and comes strung upon a 20" long pewter chain that closes with a clasp. 

Triple Moon Pentagram Pendant
AZJPT912MP   Triple Moon Pentagram Pendant
This sterling silver triple moon pendant features an open faced pentagram within its full moon center. No cord. 1” x 1/2”
Price: $34.95
Discounted Price: $31.95
Sterling Silver Pentagram Pendant
AZJS845MP Sterling Silver Pentagram Pendant
This is a fine double pentagram surrounded by a circle of interwoven flowers all in sterling silver to enjoy for a lifetime. Has cord. 1"
Price: $34.95
Discounted Price: $31.95
 Interwoven Pentagram Silver PENDANT
AZJS838MP  Sterling Silver Pentagram
This is a fine sterling silver pentacle surrounded by 2 concentric circles.Has cord. 1"
Price: $30.95
Discounted Price: $27.95
Sterling Silver Pentagram
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