Spooky Toilet Paper Holder -
 Sinister Skull With  Lantern  Statue
MPSM12608 Spooky Toilet Paper Holder -  
    This bony fellow’s grinning every time the paper’s spinning. Spooky toilet paper holder is a most unexpected addition to your bathroom; a daring decorator’s dream come true! 
Weight 1.7 lbs. Polyresin. Toilet paper not included. 8¼" x 4½" x 8⅜" high.
Price:    $24.95 each -
MPSM12612 Sinister Skull With  Lantern  Statue
    Give visitors a greeting  they’ll never forget! Ghostly  grinning skeleton appears to  crawl from the ground;  clutched in his bony fist, a  swinging lantern sheds a  ghostly light.  Weight 3.8 lbs. Polyresin. Two  AA batteries not included.  Some Assembly Required. 11" x  6 1/2" x 13" high; lantern: 3"  diameter x 6 1/4" high.
Price:    $39.95 each

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Skull Figurines-Skelton Figurines
Salem Witch Skull Statue
AZSS849MP Salem Witch Skull Statue

A woderfully detailed skull coverd with an acurate map of colonial Salem as it was during the Salem witch craze. The attached pentacle necklace and chain are not removable. Cold Cast Resin. 5 3/4" x 5" x 4 3/4"

Price: $38.95
Set it on your bar or counter and youve got an instant conversation starter with guests.
Just add your favorite bottle of wine and this skeleton will be happy to hold it for you.
Price: $29.95 
Large Celtic Skull
MPAZSS547 Large Celtic Skull
Retail Price: $109.95 
Your Price: $96.00
Unit weight: 11.8
Hand painted cold cast resin Measures 13 1/4" High.
Celtic Skull Vessel
MPAZFB968 Celtic Skull Vessel
Unit Price: $22.95 
Adorned with Celtic knotwork and designs this cold-cast resin skull is a truly unique piece. Measuring 5" in length and 3 3/4" tall, the top of the skull lifts off to reveal a large interior compartment for you to fill. 
Mystic Skull Alchemy
MPAZRS839 Mystic Skull
Unit Price: $26.95  30.95
Made to realistically resemble a human skull, this cold-cast resin statue is adorned with spidery alchemical markings and mystic symbols. Measuring 5 1/2" tall, 5" wide, and 6 3/4" in length, a large seal of protection is set into the crown of this mystic skull to aid you in your spellwork. 
Salem Witch Skull with Mouse Statue
AZSS850MP Salem Witch Skull with Mouse Statue A highly detailed human skull with an accurate map of Salem, MA at the time of the witch trials. A non removable pentacle medallion and small black rat sits atop it. Cold cast resin. Top removes for storage of small items. 7" x 7" x 4 1/4"
Price  $53.95 -
Restock Date 10/01/14

Price: $29.95