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MPRW7RQ 7 Chakra Rose Quartz Wand
With the warm, pink tones of a faceted piece of rose quartz forming its core, the 7 chakra rose quartz wand is a wonderful ritual tool for healing emotional hurts, and invoking love within your spells and magic. Rose quartz is a crystal known for possessing an energetic quality that is nurturing to the heart, and as such it is often used in crystal healing to help mend heart break and all number of other emotional difficulties. Similarly, in magic it is a popular addition to love spells, where its warmth can help foster nurturing love and affection. This wand is wonderful for seeking this quality within your practice, and is only enhanced by a clear quartz sphere at its back and a clear quartz point at its tip, used to gather and direct energy. Similarly, it features seven precious stones set along its length, representing the seven chakras to help you clear, balance, and focus the energies of your chakras.
The wand measures approximately 7" in length. Please allow for some variance in coloring and size, due to the crystal formations used in its creation.
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MPSM39202 A Woman's Meditative Oil Warmer A trio of women bow their heads in reverent reflection. An elegant decoration that inspires a feeling of serenity! Stone, resin and glass. Candle and oil not included. 5 1/4" diameter x 4 3/4" high.
price:  $19.95 each
MPRSBB6 Large Brass Tibetan Buddha Singing Bowl
Unit Price: $84.95 
This large Buddha singing bowl is a wonderful tool of ritual and meditation, intended to be rung with its wooden striker to create a rich ringing sound with a powerful, purifying vibration. Sculpted of brass, the singing bowl is beautifully worked with Tibetan script and design on both its exterior and interior, creating a look and feel that is perfect for calm meditation and deep ritual. Within, it also accented by the embossed relief of five images of Buddha, arrayed in a star-shaped pattern. Ring it for meditation, prayer, and contemplation in your exploration and search for the vibration of the universal divine, or similar use it to cleanse your ritual space and help balance your chakras with the powerful ringing tone it offers.
Measuring 6" in diameter around its rim, the Buddha singing bowl stands 3" tall and comes with a wooden striker.
MPFBMWY2 Chakra Wooden Cupboard
Unit Price: $42.95 
Depicting an image of a man sitting within the lotus position and marked with the symbols of each of the seven chakras, this wooden cupboard provides a sense of serenity, where ever you place it. Measuring approximately 8 1/2" at its base, it gently tapers inward to frame the picture on its front facing and create a pyramid of sorts, narrowing to 4" wide at its top, not including the lip that extends out decoratively. On each of its side as well as its top, it also portrays the Om symbol; a timeless symbol of serenity and oneness with divinity.
Lift the latches that hold it closed and pull the bottom-hinging door down to reveal seven shelves, one for each chakra, providing you with storage space ideal for ritual tools and components; each shelf can aid you in charging your ritual tools with energy corresponding to the chakra it represents! This makes it both a handy way to keep things tidy as well as a useful tool in its own right upon the altar. The whole cupboard measures approximately 11 1/4" high and 5 1/2" deep, and is colored with a rich, dark stain that brings out the grain of its wood. 
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MPRR7CHA 7 Chakra Rune Set
Unit Price: $24.95 
Blending Norse traditions with the Hindu concept of the seven chakras, the 7 Chakra Rune set presents the traditional 24 runes of the Elder Futhark and a single blank rune, all a carved into seven different precious stones, each representing one of the seven chakras. The result is a wonderful rune set that can be used to help tune in to the energies of the world, with the runes helping you find the answers that you need from life. 
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MPRWMC Mini Chakra Healing Wand
Unit Price: $22.95 
This wand is 3" long of silver tubing with quartz end. Also has an egg shaped gemstone on one end and a crystal point on the other. Seven colored stones run the length of the wand, each stone corresponds to each of the bodies Chakras and aids in both physical and spiritual healing
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