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Item Number: MPAZJBUDCHA   Buddha Chakra pendant
Unit Price: $24.95  Taking the form of the Buddha sitting in the lotus position in meditation, the center of this silver-toned pendant is marked with seven semi-precious stones, each marking one of the seven chakras along their corresponding location upon the body. The chakras, representing the energy centers of the body, combine wonderfully with the image of the Buddha, offering a message of harmony and peace for those who seek balance within and without.
The pendant hangs 1 1/4" long and 1 1/4" wide, and hangs upon a large bail intended to allow you to hang it upon your favorite chain or cord.
Item Number: MPAZJCHAP Chakra Spire Pendant
Unit Price: $36.95 
Formed out of a slim glass tube and wrapped tightly with two spiraling bands, this chakra spire pendant features seven gemstones; each representing a different chakra within your body, are suspended in a clear fluid contained within its 3" length. The gemstones included are as follows: garnet, carnelian, tiger's eye, green aventurine, sodalite, amethyst, and a quartz crystal to represent your third eye. 
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Item Number: JGODCHA Goddess Chakra Pendant
Unit Price: $24.95 
Framed within seven semi-precious stones representing the seven chakras, this pedant beautifully displays the classic image of the goddess; a figure of feminine grace and fertility, with her form suggested beneath upraised arms. The Goddess shown embraces one of the chakra stones, creating the beautiful image of the divine in balance and at one with all things.
The silver-toned Goddess Chakra pendant measures 1/4" in length and 1" in wide, and comes with a large bail to allow you to string it upon your favorite cord or chain.
Item Number: JOMCHA Om Chakra Pendant
Unit Price: $24.95 
Created in the image of divine images born of Hindu faith, this pendant offers a beautiful portrayal of the Om symbol encircled by semi-precious stones representing the seven chakras. The Om symbol represents the sound Om, or the vibration of the universal divine and harmony among all things. The chakras are representative of the energy centers of the body, and are said to govern the way in which we perceive the universe around us. Together, they form a fantastic symbol that reminds us that when we seek balance within ourselves we find balance in all things. The entire silver-tone pendant measures 1 1/4" in diameter and features a large bail that will allow you to string it upon your favorite chain or cord.
Item Number: JSPICHA Spiral Chakra pendent
Unit Price: $24.95 
Blending symbolism to create a beautiful piece of jewelry, the Spiral Chakra pendant melds faith with beauty in its portrayal of the seven chakras within a sweeping spiral. Represented by seven semi-precious stones, the chakras follow the contour of the spiral's curve, resulting in a mingled image of these seven energy centers of the body with the concepts of letting go, surrender, and release and a connection with the energies of the cosmos.

The silver-toned pendant hangs 1 1/4" long and has been fitted with a large bail so as to allow you to string it upon your favorite cord or chain.

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